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Violent Crimes

Have you been accused of a violent crime in the Portland area?

At Portland Defender, we have wide experience with different types and scenarios of violent crime cases.

  • Generally, violent crimes are any criminal acts that include causing bodily injury or using physical force or threats of violence to accomplish something.

Because there are so many different types of violent crimes, you need an attorney who has extensive experience and is well versed in defense of violent crimes.

  • Violent crime includes all of the following crimes: assault, assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault, some sexual assaults, robbery, menacing, carjacking, domestic violence, armed robbery, murder, and manslaughter.

You can find more information about many of these crimes on other portions our website, but we have provided brief descriptions of some of these crimes below. Always remember, only an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you sort through the law and the facts of your particular case and the information below should never substitute for qualified legal advice.

Types of violent crime

Assault: You can be charged with assault if you intentionally, recklessly, or knowingly cause physical injury to another person. There are varying degrees of assault and the punishment can range from a misdemeanor up to a class A felony. There are various sets of circumstances that apply to each “degree” of assault.

  • Some of these factors include whether the victim was pregnant, whether a weapon was used, and whether you have been previously convicted of assaulting the same person.
  • Assault with a deadly weapon: you may be charged with aggravated assault if you hurt someone with a deadly weapon (a firearm, knife, club or even an car). Because this type of assault is more likely to cause great bodily injury and/or death, aggravated assaults are felonies, and the punishments are more severe.

Rape: Rape is a very broadly defined crime that generally refers to sexual intercourse with a victim who does not consent. There are several variations of rape including statutory rape, a type of rape where the victim was too young to be able to legally consent to sex. All forms of rape carry substantial punishments in Oregon and a conviction will mean mandatory sex offender registration.

  • Related crimes include unlawful sexual penetration, sexual abuse and sodomy.
  • The severity of the punishment you may be subject to will depend heavily on the facts of your case. Potential factors which could increase the punishment you face include: the age of the victim, the relationship between the individuals involved, and whether or not actual force or threats were used.
  • In addition to any punishment you might receive, there may also be serious damage to your reputation in the community. There is often a stigma attached to people who are accused of sexual crimes, even if you are found not guilty. This is a very complex area of law and you need an experienced Portland criminal defense attorney telling your side of the story.

Domestic violence is generally a crime that refers to violence or abuse between family or household members, or between people who are in a romantic relationship. This crime can include physical, emotional, economic, and/or sexual abuse.

  • Oregon judges and juries take domestic violence crimes seriously.
  • In the interest of protecting victims, police will often make an arrest based only on the statement of the alleged victim. Unfortunately, you may be caught up in a situation where you did nothing wrong and a spurned spouse or lover simply wants to “get even” or cause trouble for some reason.
  • If you have been accused of domestic violence, you need experienced defense counsel immediately in order to protect your rights and your reputation.

Criminal Homicide
is any unlawful killing of a human being.

  • You may be criminally liable for murder charges if in the commission of certain other crimes you caused the death of another person. These crimes include: arson, burglary, assault, robbery, kidnapping, or a felony level sexual offense.
  • Murder is the most serious of crimes. If you are facing charges for the unlawful killing of another person you need to contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Robbery: taking personal property or money from someone else against their will, through threats or force. The use of threats or force may apply to the actual person being robbed or to someone else.

  • Like many other crimes there are “degrees” of robbery. The various levels of robbery can mean more-severe punishment depending on what was done to accomplish taking the property from the other person.
  • If you did not have a weapon and only threatened physical force to take someone else’s property, this would fit the definition of third-degree robbery.
  • If you make a victim believe that you are armed with a weapon, or if someone helps you commit the robbery, this would make the crime second-degree robbery.
  • First-degree robbery is reserved for those situations where you are actually armed with, or use, a weapon, or when you cause serious physical injury to someone in the course of the robbery.

Kidnapping: This crime means that you moved another person, without their consent, through the use of force or the threat of violence. It is a seemingly simple crime that can actually be quite complicated.

  • A good example of seemingly innocent conduct that the government might consider kidnapping would be moving your child to another town without the other parent’s consent.
  • A good criminal defense lawyer can help you evaluate a variety of different defenses to a charge like kidnapping.
  • Like domestic violence charges, many accusations of kidnapping come from unhappy or angry spouses or lovers with whom you share children. This is unfair, and a qualified criminal defense attorney will be able to fight the charges mitigate the damage to your reputation.

What About Measure 11 and Mandatory Minimum Sentences?

Oregon voters enacted a law called “Measure 11,” which requires judges to impose mandatory minimum prison sentences in serious violent, person and/or sex crimes. Measure 11 minimum sentences start at over five years of prison.

An experienced Oregon criminal attorney may be able to argue that Measure 11 does not apply to your case. Portland Defender offers clients years of experience fighting the serious criminal charges. You want a criminal defense attorney who can effectively make these arguments for you.

What can a criminal defense attorney do for me?

If you have been accused of a violent crime, you could be facing a variety of punishments and consequences that could affect your life for years. Hiring Portland Defender means hiring a Portland criminal lawyer who can make the best of a bad situation. We will vigorously defend your rights and work to restore your name and reputation. Call our office today for a free consultation at (503) 592-0606.

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