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At Portland Defender criminal defense law firm Troy Pickard is recognized as one of Portland’s leading attorneys in achieving favorable results for his clients. Below are just a few examples of his excellent results:

State v. A.B.- Not guilty, Assault

State v. E.D.W.- Not guilty, Burglary

State v. R. M. O.- Case dismissed, Resisting arrest

State v. G.P.C.- reduced to infraction, Weapons charges

People v. Reyes- Case dismissed, Weapons charges

People v. Vaughan- Case dismissed, DUI

People v. Clinedinst- Case dismissed, DUI

People v. Phillips- Case dismissed, Burglary and petty theft

People v. Hoback- Case dismissed, Prostitution

People v. Estrada- Case dismissed, Resisting arrest

People v. Ward- Case dismissed, Weapons charge

People v. Medrano- Case dismissed, DUI and hit-and-run

State v. A. J.- Not guilty, Resisting arrest

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