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Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a serious crime and one of the most frequent crimes in Portland courts. A DUI conviction can have major consequences for your life, and can put a permanent stain on your record, even if you have never been in trouble before. If you have been accused of DUI, you should call us – we help our clients reduce the charges against them, lessen their punishments, or even get the entire case thrown out. We can help you evaluate whether you should consider Oregon’s DUI diversion program, or whether you should fight your case in a jury trial. We will be there for you from the start to the finish.

What Does DUI Mean?

Oregon’s drunk driving laws are often called different things: drunk driving, DUI, DUII, driving under the influence of intoxicants, etc. They all refer to the same conduct: operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or a drug. You can read the law for yourself, if you’d like: ORS 813.

So, DUI cases aren’t always about cars – they can also be about other vehicles, like boats or bicycles. And, DUI cases aren’t always about alcohol; either – many people are accused of DUI related to marijuana, other illegal drugs, or even prescription drugs like Ambien, Xanax, Lunesta, Vicodin and Valium.

You can be convicted of DUI even when you did not feel like you were under the influence at all – in Oregon, if a blood test, breath test (breathalyzer) or urine test shows that your blood-alcohol content was 0.08% or greater, an Oregon court will say that you are automatically intoxicated. And it works the other way, too – just because your test shows that you were below 0.08%, an Oregon prosecutor can still argue that you were under the influence of something.

Experienced Oregon DUI Attorney

If you talk to someone who has been accused of DUI, they will tell you how important it is to hire a criminal defense attorney. People who face these charges without a good lawyer often feel like they get railroaded through the system. But, with a good attorney on your side, you won’t have to plead guilty to something you didn’t do, and you won’t have to make decisions about your case without feeling fully informed. Our experience in DUI cases will help you intelligently participate in your defense and get the best outcome possible.

Oregon DUI Consequences

Most of our clients aren’t big-time criminals – they are regular people who are suddenly in a bad, scary situation. If you are accused of DUI, you can feel like your whole life has been turned upside-down in one evening. A DUI conviction can put a lot at risk: your driving privileges, your freedom, your job, and your wallet can all be affected. Making the right decisions in your DUI case can help you avoid the worst consequences.

If you are convicted of a misdemeanor DUI:

  • You can be sent to jail for between two days and a year;
  • You can be ordered to perform community service;
  • You can lose your license for months;
  • You can be fined thousands of dollars;
  • You can be put on probation for years;
  • You can be ordered into drug/alcohol testing and treatment;
  • You can be required to attend a victim’s impact panel
  • You can be ordered to pay additional fees for your probation, treatment, and other programs

The long story short for a DUI case is that you’d better have a very good reason before you decide to plead guilty.

Should you choose the DUI diversion program?

If you are facing a first time DUI, you will definitely want to consider Oregon’s DUI Diversion program. If you are eligible, the diversion program can help you avoid prosecution and have your case entirely dismissed after you complete the program’s requirements, which include:

  • payment of fines and fees, typically between $2,000.00 – and $4,000.00;
  • attending a victim’s impact panel, where you listen to stories of people whose lives have been affected by intoxicated drivers;
  • completing an alcohol/drug abuse evaluation;
  • attending the alcohol/drug treatment ordered by the court;
  • not consuming any alcohol for an entire year; and
  • installing an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.

That sounds like a lot of requirements – and it is. But the reward of having your record clean from a DUI conviction can be well worth it. Our defense attorneys can help you figure out whether DUI Diversion is right for you.

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