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Accused or Charged with a Drug Offense?

If you’ve been accused of a drug crime in Portland, you’re not the first. Police in Portland are constantly arresting people for drug-related offenses, including drug possession, possession for sale, distribution (trafficking), manufacturing drugs, and more. Drug crime punishments can be severe – almost all Oregon drug crimes are felonies, and a conviction can mean serious jail time, large fines and fees, probation, drug testing, and suspension of your driving privileges. Your boss could fire you. The government can try to take away your kids. You can lose your rights to get federal student financial aid, vote in elections, and possess certain weapons.

You may be totally innocent of any drug crime, but were simply hanging out with the wrong people at the wrong time. Or, you may have made a mistake you now regret, but the government wants to put you in jail and throw away the key. One thing is true for everyone charged with a drug crime: having a good criminal defense lawyer can make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

Note: Portland marijuana possession charges are often treated very differently from other drug charges. Click here for more information on Marijuana crimes.

Portland Drug Crime Punishments

As with all Oregon felony crimes, you need to know about Oregon’s felony sentencing grid to know what sort of sentence to expect. With Oregon’s grid system, if you are convicted of a crime the judge first looks at that offense’s “crime seriousness” score, which is a number between 1 and 11. Then, the judge compares that “crime seriousness” score with your criminal background. Obviously, if you have a long criminal record, you will be facing a more-severe punishment.

Oregon Punishments

Below are some drug crimes, along with the jail/prison sentence that you would receive if convicted, depending on your criminal background.

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Simple Drug Possession

  • Marijuana (more than 28.5 grams but less than 150 grams)
  • Heroin (less than 5 grams)
  • Cocaine and Meth (less than 10 grams)
  • Hashish (less than 100 grams)
  • LSD (fewer than 200 units)
  • Mushrooms (less than 60 grams)
  • Ecstasy / MDMA (under 5 grams or 25 units)

30 days jail

Drug Possession – “Substantial Quantity”

  • Marijuana (150 grams)
  • Heroin (5 grams)
  • Cocaine and Meth (10 grams)
  • Hashish (100 grams)
  • LSD (200 units)
  • Mushrooms (60 grams)
  • Ecstasy / MDMA (5 grams or 25 units)
3 months jail – 2 ½ years prison

Drug Manufacture and Drug Distribution

  • Drug manufacture / distribution, generally
2 – 11 months jail
  • Using a minor in a drug offense if you’re less than 3 yrs older
2 – 11 months jail
  • Selling cocaine, meth, heroin or ecstasy
3 months jail – 2 ½ years prison
  • Possession of a precursor substance intending to manufacture
3 months jail – 2 ½ years prison
  • Distribution or manufacture of “substantial quantity” (see above-listed amounts)
16 – 45 months prison
  • “Commercial Drug Offense”

    This means possession, manufacture or delivery and three or more indicators of drug commerce such as substantial amounts of drugs, possession of a weapon, possession of customer lists, possession of $300.00 + in cash, etc.
16 – 45 months prison
  • Distribution within 1000 feet of a school
16 – 45 months prison
  • Using a minor in a drug offense if you are 3+ yrs older
16 – 45 months prison
  • Manufacture / Distribution of a super-quantity
    • cocaine (100+ grams)
    • methamphetamine (100+ grams)
    • heroin (50+ grams)
    • ecstasy (50+ grams or 250+ units)
3 – 6 years prison
  • Manufacture / Distribution of a mega-quantity
    • cocaine (500+ grams)
    • methamphetamine (500+ grams)
    • heroin (100+ grams)
    • ecstasy (100+ grams or 500+ units)
5 – 11 years prison

How can a Portland criminal defense attorney protect me from drug charges?

You can’t change the past, but a Portland Defender lawyer can help protect your future. We look at potential defenses, investigate government witnesses and informants, and try to get evidence thrown out based on illegal searches, seizures, and other improper police conduct. In addition, we can help you determine whether you might be eligible for the DSP drug diversion program, which could keep a drug conviction completely off your record.

Drug convictions on your record can be bad news for your future. You can be fired, taken away from your family and friends, stopped from driving. Even once you’re out of jail, you can spend years with a probation officer looking over your shoulder.If the government accuses you of a drug crime, get yourself an experienced criminal lawyer right away. Our clients aren’t just names and numbers – they are people with lives, and they deserve full legal protection. Portland Defender gives our clients their best chance at hearing the words they want:“Not guilty.”Call us today for a free consultation, at(503) 592-0606, or email troy@portlanddefender.com.

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